Аnti Аge Complex Shilajit (Mumio)
Gentle care for delicate eye area, accelerating the recovery process, combining the power  of the Shilajit  

Complex Shilajit  (Mumio) containing:
- 84 types of minerals in natural ion form
- Micro and macro elements
- Essential amino acids
-Fulvic acid (fulvic acid)
- Humic acids
-Vitamins A, B-Comlex, C-Complex

The specially developed light texture hydrates and nourishes in depth the delicate eye contour area, helps reducing wrinkles

Thanks to its composition, Shilajit complex (Mumio) reduces the stages of cell aging, building a chain of processes that actively restore and normalize the skin. The complex maintains the balance and energy metabolism in skin cells.

Innovative antibacterial protection with PURE SILVER against the harmful effects of the environment.

For best results, use in combination with REGENERATING DAY & NIGHT FACE CREAM  
Shilajit (Mumio)

Apply morning and evening to the eye contour area, on previously cleansed skin with fingertips with gentle tapping. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with water.

Without parabens. Does not contain colorants.
Suitable for every skin type. For men and women of all ages.

Qty 15ml 22.99 EUR

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