Clinical results

For medical and cosmetic studies of cosmetic product 


Regenerating cream with snail extract produced by Natural  garden Ltd.


 I. Characteristics of the cosmetic product:  REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT Regenerating cream with snail extract is a cosmetic product for skin care. 

The main active ingredient snails extract HELIX ASPERSE is obtained in a natural way from live snails without causing any harm to the snails.


 The extract of snails has healing properties in inflamed areas on the skin. The snail does not suffer from skin infections. The skin of the snail has similar structural elements as the human, so a similar effect occurs with our skin.

Results from laboratory research show that snails extract cream removes dead skin cells and heals and regenerates the tissue. It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. The cream improves elasticity, soothes and revitalizes the skin. It nourishes and protects the skin from the effects of free radicals and reduces oxidative stress. Slows aging. Reduces wrinkles. Normalizes skin pigmentation. Helps in acne and scars. It can be used for sunburns and injury, scars of wounds and burns, scars after Surgical intervention. 


— Allantoin - removes dead cells and stimulates the generation of new skin cells. It helps to maintain or restore the balance of skin hydration and rejuvenates your skin.

 - Collagen - a protein and natural component of the human skin - makes your skin smoother, more resilient and helps to reduce wrinkle. 

- Elastin - a protein which restores or improves the smoothness and resilience of your skin. 

-   Vitamins “A”, “C”, “E” - regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. Vitamin A - supports the formation of new tissue. Vitamin C - is a powerful anti-oxidant. Vitamin E - protects your skin from the free radicals and prevents premature aging. 

 - Glycolic acid- cleanses the skin from dead cells and supports the generation of new cells. 

II. Medico- biological Trials. 


1. Clinical Methods: 

A. Single Application Open Epicutaneous Test


The skin compatibility of the cream was studied in 20 volunteers. In the test field, about 2-4 cm on the upper hand, the cream was applied in its pure form, undiluted, as described in the instructions for the application of the cream. 5% sodium lauryl sulfate was used as a control.  

The duration of the single application of the cream to the test field and control was 60 minutes. 

The reading was after washout of the samples at 24 hours; 48 hours, referring to 4 degrees - redness (0-4), swinging (0-3), swelling (+ or -), itch (0-3), burning (0 to 3).

 B. Single closed epicutaneous  test with full-time occlusion: 

The test was carried out on 20 volunteers aged between 25 - 65. Reference cosmetic products were used as a reference. The testing cosmetic product was applied undiluted for a 48-hour period using a closed method. The results were reported on the 1st, 24th and 48th hours after the closed patch was removed. The obtained results were visually recorded in table 1, on a point scale form, indicating an average point. 

At an exposure, exceeding  the expected conditions of use, the data  shows an  excellent compatibility of the REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT Cosmetic Regenerating Cream with a snail Extract. 


B. Second closed epicutaneous test under occlusion. 

Tested are 20 people - women,  using liquid paraffin as control. The product is applied on the back under occlusion for 24 hours first time and then 6 hours daily for the next 4 days (Frosch & Kligman, 1979)

 The reporting was performed daily immediately after removing the epicutaneous  sample and before the next application, until day 8. The evaluation of the data of each indicator was made taking into account the average values ​​in points reported after the applications and on the eighth day the results are presented in.

The used methodology, with an exposure exceeding the expected effect conditions, taking into account the function of REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT Regenerating Snails Extract Cream, indicates the absence of objective skin reactions (erythema, desquamation, edema) and subjective complaints of irritation, burning or spitting. 


2. Non-Controlled home use test 


The test was performed on 50 healthy women aged between 25 to 65. Instructions on how to use the cream and the indicators included in the study file were given In advance to the probant subjects. 

REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT Regenerative cream with snail extract is applied in mornings and evenings after face cleansing with gentle movements on face and neck. You may feel a slight burning in just a few seconds (onset of action). Absorbs quickly and leaves no stain on the clothes. 


At the end of the 20-day use period, the conclusions of the probate subjects are presented as follows in Table 3 




 consistency 50 


color 50 

Applying 50 

Skin absorption rate 

residual film

skin softening 

Elasticity 50 

irritation to:

 eye, skin


Character of the user's opinions  

Excellent, very good, good, Missing  

The data in the table shows the complete approval of the probants of the organoleptic qualities of REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT Regenerating Cream with Snail Extract. The qualities such as easy application, skin absorption, lack of residual film, improved elasticity are highly appreciated. The complex effect is considered excellent. 


CONCLUSION: The medical study of the cosmetic product, developed by Natural Garden Ltd. through a single  open test, a single closed epicutaneous test and a repeated closed epicutaneous test as well as an uncontrolled test for use, proves a positive overall characteristic of the REVIVE SNAILS EXTRACT Regenerating Cream with extract of snails. The cream with snail extract removes dead skin cells and heals, rejuvenate the skin and regenerates the tissue. It stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin. The cream improves elasticity, soothes and revitalizes the skin. It nourishes and protects the skin from the effects of free radicals and reduces oxidative stress. Reduce wrinkles. Normalizes skin pigmentation. Helps in case of acne and acne scars, sunburns and injury, scars of wounds and scars after Surgical intervention.


Conducted the Medico- biological study: 

1.  Dr. E. Dykova 

2. Dr. D. Kostadinova