About the company

Garden Ltd. is company dedicated to process and refine quality snail extract used to create award-winning cosmetic solutions that are able to target even the most extreme skin conditions and provide an alternative to cosmetic and laser surgery.

We have created a closed manufacturing circle. We have experts working at all levels in the company, exercising uncompromising quality control in compliance with the latest European laws and requirements.

2008  We started building our own farm to raise snails.

2009  We created a snail nursery.

2010  We developed state-of-the -art laboratory equipment for mechanic collection of snail extract.

2011  We created our award-winning product Revive Snail Extract Cream.

2012  We developed an innovative professional series for facial procedures-  'Professional Therapy'. At present, we work with hundreds professional salons and spa centres in Europe.

2013  We launched the first sun-protection series that regenerates and revitalizes skin whilst protecting it from the damages caused by the sun.

2014  We developed and launched 'Snails & Roses' skin range whose breakthrough formula remains unique to the world.

2014  We acquired a factory producing cosmetic products and active components and registered it in compliance with GMP-standard. We are licensed to manufacture and trade with cosmetic products on a global level.

We have won the recognition of tens of thousands of loyal and happy consumers all around the globe. Due to the increasing interest towards Revive Snails Extract,  we are presently offering our ranges in high-end salons, spa-centres,  pharmacies, beauty and department stores throughout Europe.

Our goal is to be the global leader in prestige natural beauty and a company that drives change and shapes a better future for people and communities. To achieve this, we exercise uncompromising quality control and are always in the search for innovative ways to perfect and expand our product range. We are driven by a passion and vision to perform in accordance with the highest-standards by constantly researching and innovating in order to give our clients cosmetic solutions that change the frontline of beauty industry.