-Decreases amount of wrinkles

-Reduces the occurrence of newly formed wrinkles

- Moisturizing treatment without an oily effect

-Long-lasting skin care effect

Natural BOTOX and anti-bacterial protection

The BOTOX effect is achieved by extracting a sample of a tropical plant. The extracted sample manifests its effect by considerably decreasing the frequency of muscle contractions, as well as by impeding the formation of new wrinkles.  An innovative anti-bacterial protection through the use of pure silver protects from the hazardous influence of the surrounding environment. Silver and chamomile extract  has an anti- inflammable and cooling effect with a lasting anti-bacterial protection. 


Place the necessary amount of gel on the areas where wrinkles have begun to appear:

-              Mimics’ wrinkles- horizontal lines and furrows.

-              Goose leg wrinkles- on the outer linings of the eyes, expressed as the fine lines that become even more expressive as time passes.

-              Nasolabial wrinkles- they appear in the area between the nose and the mouth. They start appearing on both sides of the nose and their descent continues to both corners of the mouth.

-              Fine lines- over the whole surface of the face.

-              Radial wrinkles around the area of the mouth.

-              Puppet lines- the wrinkles that appear beneath the outer corners of the mouth, pulling them down and lend a somewhat sad, unfortunate and pitiful appearance to our whole visage. 

It is advisable to place Ultra moisturizing cream with hyaluronic acid after utilizing the gel.

For best results, use in combination with EGO skin care Active regenerating day & night face cream

For dry to  normal skin and suitable for sensitive skin . For men and women of any age.


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